Castellón airport takes off: free parking, new cafés and over 88,000 passengers in 10 months

11/19/2016 20:32

BUSINESS is booming at Castellón airport with over 110,000 passengers having travelled to and from the terminal that nobody ever expected to see open in their lifetimes.

Since the airport opened for travellers just under two years ago, in December 2014, with Ryanair being the first carrier to operate from it, flights taking off from Castellón have been 80% full on average, even in low season.

Four routes operate from Castellón – to London, Sofia (Bulgaria) and Bucharest (Romania), with the Bristol connection only running part of the year.

Bristol flights will restart in March 2017 for the spring and summer.

So far this year, between January and October inclusive, a total of 88,000 people have travelled from Castellón, the airport which sat empty for so many years after it was built that it became an international joke and was criticised for being one of Spain's most expensive white elephants.

But the joke is now on them, since the east coast terminal has been the starting point for 13,000 passengers in October alone this year – a rise of nearly 700 on September's figures, despite September still being summer in Spain and October well into low season.

Passengers were interviewed by the regional tourist board, and 73% of them said they will 'definitely' use Castellón airport again whilst another 22% said they will 'probably' go back there.

Travellers gave the thumbs-up to the airport's cleanliness and free parking, but complained about the lack of restaurant and bar facilities.

However, two cafés are due to open at Castellón airport later in November, said airline governing body Aerocas.