Increasing futures prices..............Growth of the Spanish economy

10/09/2016 16:09
  • Growth of the Spanish economy

The International Monetary Fund has made positive estimates of the economic recovery in Spain, and this has encouraged investors to increase their contribution rate and amount of capital to the Spanish economy. Since 2014 it has had a total of 7 billion euros in purchases the property market not related to residential properties, the latter type have reached 6 billion euros, where foreign owners clearly dominate and highlight the Arabs, and this market is expected to keep growing.

  • Tourist Strength

Spain historically has been a tourist destination, with a flow of tourists hovering between 60 and 65 million people a year. For this reason, Arab investors have taken to invest in large hotel chains and hotels tradicón in the country as the Renaissance Marriott in Barcelona and the Intercontinental in Madrid. And with that over a billion is exceeded in hotel investment in Spain.

  • Credit facilities to investors

Thanks to the improvement presented by the Spanish economy in the last two years has been that banks have eased their conditions for credit loans, and therefore now foreign investors are easier to get money from Spanish institutions to invest in Spain. This has also encouraged starting new enough ambitious real estate projects across the country.

  • Golden Visa

Recently, the Spanish government has applied a procedure known in other European countries known as the Golden Visa. This allows acquiring Spanish residence by buying a property that exceeds 500,000 euros, among other requirements. However, the number of citizens of the Middle East who have entered the country through this methodology has not yet made a big effect, probably by the new measure. Yet the government hopes that this will help the massification of Arab investment in Spain such as happened in Portugal for example.

  • Decreased purchase by Spanish citizens

Much of the Spaniards, even to them is complicated economically acquire a home due to the aftermath of the recession, so have chosen to rent apartments before finally buy a property. Thanks to this, the rental property has increased by 36% over the past 10 years.

  • Following the example of the magnates and millionaires

They have big household names worldwide for its wealth, decided to invest in Spain, including Bill Gates are counted or large financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, who have made significant contributions to the Spanish economy. Of course, the Arabs did not want to fall behind and also want their share of the market, so leading companies in the Middle East as the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, the Arab Bank Kingdom, IPIC (International Petroleum Investment Company of Abu Dhabi) Emirates and Qatar Airways are already looking where introduced into the Spanish market, which may be beyond real estate. This creates a tendency of investments that encourages other companies lower capital and private citizens to engage in business in Spain.

  • Increasing futures prices

While it is true that the prices in Spain have already begun to grow, compared to other European countries like France and England where and prices are high and there is little profit that can be generated by buying real estate in those places why Spain represents a promise of big profits in the real estate market in both the short and long term.

  • Flights Spain- Arab Emirates

Since early last year, offering direct flights from Dubai to Barcelona and Madrid, which makes it easier and faster trips enthusiasts Arab citizens Spanish territory. Similarly, Spain has excellent road facilities, railway, and airport communication between all cities, and also the Arabs will have legal limitations, since they can travel without a visa throughout the European territory.

Conclusion: the Arabs are one of the communities because of their economic growth, they have invested in different parts of the world. The Arabs in Spain have traditionally been interested for its beaches and now Galicia has begun to also be presented as an option to invest in vacation properties also now have the advantage that they can freely enter Spanish territory without a visa, the which is an incentive to invest.