Take a day trip to this fabulous city, 2 hours by car or catch the high speed train.

The best way of getting to know Barcelona well is to take a stroll along La Rambla at any time of day or even night. This boulevard, almost 2 km long and situated between the Plaça de Catalunya and the port, was once upon a time the site of a mountain stream. All kinds of people can be found walking or just relaxing beneath the oriental plane trees: the young, the old, the rich, the poor, the locals, the visitors, the revellers and those of a more contemplative nature. La Rambla is a never-ending show where everyone is both actor and audience at the same time. It is a delight to all the senses, with a character that is alluring, vivid and everchanging, and it is for this reason that it attracts all kinds of people.

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Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia The church was begun in 1298, but facade was not completed until 19th century. The cathedral is dedicated to Santa Eulalia, martyred by the Romans for daring to prefer Christianity, and her tomb rests in a crypt beneath the high altar. The cathedral’s magnificent 14th-century cloister has magnolias and palm trees growing in the middle and ...gees waddling around the periphery. If they disturb the tranquility of the scene, they do so for a purpose - the geese have been kept here for over 500 years to reflect the virginity of Santa Eulalia. At noon on Sunday you can see 'sardana', a Catalonian folk dance, performed in front of the cathedral.

Parc Güell is another Gaudi's masterpieces. It is a strange, enchanting place where Gaudi’s passion for natural forms really took flight – to the point where the artificial almost seems more natural than the natural. The steps up from the entrance, guarded by mosaic dragon, lead to the Sala Hipostila, a forest of 84 stone columns, some of them are leaning. On the top of the Sala Hipostila is a broad open space whose centerpiece is the Blank de Trenadis, a tiled bench curving round its entire perimeter. Parc Güell is also included in the World Heritage List.

Aquarama Water Park

20 mins drive dont miss this is a great day out !!

This water park comes highly recommended, everyone can enjoy a day here from small childeren to adults. There are plenty of pools and rides suitable for everyone no matter how large or small. The tallest water rides are breathtaking and challenging even to the seasoned adventurer.

There are 15 water slides including the Space Shot. We were very impressed with this park, there are plenty of facilities here and its spotless. The setting is lovely and the plants and vegetation are generous making it very picturesque.

Beaches and Coast      

Alcossebre and Las Fuentes have 5 blue flag beachesWithin a few hundred yards walk are two of the best beaches, Carragador and Romana.

Sandy coves and rocky outcrops punctuate the shore line, in between large golden sandy beaches. These are equipped with football pitches, volleyball nets, play areas, pedalos, windsurfing, scuba diving, jet-ski and sailing all available in season.


Golf on the Costa Azahar  

For the perfect golfing holiday experience the quality courses the area has to offer.

Mediterraneo Golf Club is a varied and pleasant course, and does not tire the golfer. The greens are challenging. Accura is vital choice as this course offers a number of dog legs and water hazards. Designed by Ramon Espinosa and opened in 1978.This is more a sports and leisure centre than just a golf course. A very enjoyable course that does not get very busy with driving range, putting green, pro shop, 20x10 metres swimming pool, jacuzzi, saunas and gymnasium. ( 35 minutes drive 


Panoramica Golf and Country Club... This high quality par 72 course is a challenge for the expert or occasional golfer alike, designed by Ryder Cup Captain Bernhard Langer it is acknowledged as one of the finest in Europe. Set in an olive grove and covering around 200 acres with several lakes and extensive practice facilities the complex is a true golfers paradise. ( 40 minutes drive )

Las Fuentes and Marina


Las Fuentes is joined onto the north of Alcossebre. Built onto the side of the mountain, the mineral streams run directly out onto the Las Fuentes beach where wildlife and birds come to drink.

The Las Fuentes beach is small and pretty with a long stone sea wall to protect it from strong tides.

The harbour of Las Fuentes is a lovely spot very picturesque, surrounded by a small fishing village built on part of the quays. It is a sporting marina with a capacity for 275 moorings. It has a full range of harbour services and offers a good selection of restaurants and leisure activities.

Its Yacht Club organizes regattas and promotes the development of sailing activities such as light and cruiser sailing, motorboats and fishing. To these activities must be added the tourist attractions of a zone that attracts many international visitors.

The installations have an officially approved sailing school, Club de Vela Alcossebre, where light sailing and cruiser sailing courses are offered.




Valencia, the city of arts and sciences

L'Oceanografic in Valencia is dedicated to the natural world, here you can explore the seven seas of the world and watch dolphins perform.

L'Oceanogràfic invites us to travel around the planet's main seas and oceans. More than 45,000 examples of 500 different marine species

The park, created as a great leisure, training and research centre, is structured into ten areas. The marine areas reflect the Mediterranean habitats, the polar oceans - the Arctic and the Antarctic, the islands, the tropical seas, the temperate seas and the Red Sea.

Moreover, the park also has a spectacular dolphinarium. An area for the mangrove swamps and another for the marshlands, and different garden areas, with more than 80 different plant species.

The City of Arts and Science in Valencia is fast becoming one of Spain's top tourist attractions.

The Sierra De Irta National Park

The Sierra de Irta has rich, varied, indigenous vegetation and several hiking routes allowing visitors to see all nature has to offer in this area.

There are many walks suitable for all capabilities in the Sierra de Irta. Guided walks take place throughout the summer, information is readily available at the tourist information office on the sea front in Alcossebre.

Alternating rocky coves with tranquil beaches and bays, the sierras magnificent landscapes led to it being designated a national park.

The Sierra de Irta national park is located to the north of Alcossebre. A land of sea and light, where archeological excavations, castles, hermitages, wells and stone constructions give a unique personality to the area.

With several well marked routes for short and very long walks/hikes. This is a natural area over 13 kilometers long to the north of Castellon between Alcala de Xivert and Santa Magdelana de Pulpis, Peniscola and Alcossebre. A haven for wildlife, migratory birds and for fish, crustaceans, shellfish and molluscs.

An excursion into the mountains lets you discover a wealth of heritage with landmarks such as Alcala and Pulpis castles both built by the Moors centuries ago.

Alcala castle is well positioned high up in the Sierra de Irta, dominating the plains and the sea. The site has been used as a settlement since several centuries before Christ. Its structure and functionality have varied along with the passing cultures, but there remain two well differentiated parts that can be observed: Arabic and the Christian, which can be seen in the Muslim domestic architecture and the Templar fortress, and at the highest point, where the chapel once was.

Two mountainous ranges parallel to the sea and separated by the Estophet valley, make up the wild landscapes of the Sierra de Irta. Alcala de Xivert, proud of its traditions, a cradle of inspiration. The area is of spectacular historic and monumental significance.

Download a guide for the region here ...

Where to eat...

Alcossebre and Las Fuentes have many restaurants serving a wide variety of different cuisine from the traditional foods of Spain like Paella and Zarzuela to Chinese, German, Swiss and Italian cuisine.

A very good meal with wine as a "Menu del Dia" would cost €9, or you can find a more up market Restaurant, then the price is up to you, but around €30 is a good guess.

This is a selection of Restaurants that we feel are constantly good, they are not in any order of preference just all serving good food over the whole price range. Some of which are:-

Loli Taperia down by the marina in Las Fuentes is a great favourite for tapas.

Benimar is situated on the promenade between Alcossebre and Las Fuentes. This restaurant serves dishes with a Swiss twist.

L'llla Restaurante Asador is by the marina and they have the most fabulous sea food and steaks. If you like pate you have to order the starter selection you get a huge portion and its the best pate ever.Mare Nostrum and El Patio are the places to go for pizza. Both are situated in the main town of Alcossebre and also have other Italian specialties on the menu. We prefer Mare Nostrum portions are generous, in our experience staff are warm and friendly.Casa Batiste is situated on the sea front in Alcossebre. This is a typical Spanish restaurant and bar.

Port Aventura   

Experience the Dragon Khan roller coaster with 8 inverted loops, try out the two track roller coaster Stampida entirely made of wood and get soaked on Tutuki Splash! Only the very brave hearted will want to ride again!

You’ll find a variety of shows everywhere at PortAventura Park. Thrill to exiting adventures at Fort Frenzee in the Far West o the Can Can in the Saloon. Marvel at the exotic dances of Aloha Tahiti and the Birds of Paradise in Polynesia. Relax to the strains of mariachi orchestras in La Cantina Mexicana. Discover the mysteries of China in Sol de Oriente. And be seduced by the calm Mediterranea sunshine.

OPENING TIMES: from 10 am to 12 am most days but check their website before going.

Ticket prices vary throughout the season. Again it's best to check the website for exact pricing.

Contact the park on 0800 96 65 40 or visit their website